Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model – interactive GLEAM-i

GLEAM-i is the first open, user-friendly and livestock specific tool designed to support governments, project planners, producers, industry and civil society organizations to calculate greenhouse gas emissions using IPCC Tier 2 methods. GLEAM-I can be used in the preparation of national inventories and in ex-ante project evaluation for the assessment of intervention scenarios in animal husbandry, feed and manure management.

GLEAM-i is developed by FAO with the support of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation - IFC. GLEAM-i guidelines can be found here and training videos are available for introduction, technical features and practice exercises.


While the methodology used by GLEAM-i is scientifically robust, default input parameters should be reviewed and care should be taken if trying to compare these outcomes to individual country or regional studies. These studies may assess different parts of the livestock systems, have had access to more specific input parameters, utilize a smaller sample size or report for different purposes and as such applying different methodological approaches.